11 Best Lancôme Mascaras for Every Lash Type


Wondering how to pick the best Lancôme mascara for your desired look? It can definitely be daunting even to narrow down some of the best ones with so many different mascaras out there. However, when it comes to brands, Lancôme needs no special introduction.

Lancôme has been in the beauty industry for 85 years and can certainly say that they know a thing or two about accentuating eyelashes. With a truly wide range of options, a Lancôme mascara is a go-to option for many beauty gurus worldwide as well as regular consumers.

Even if you don’t like to use a lot of makeup on your face every day, we are certain that you at least throw a little splash of black on those lashes before walking out the door in the morning. Whether you want a bold look for your special night out or a soft, daytime one that features gently lifted, natural lashes with a bit of depth, Lancôme truly has it all.

1. Best Overall: Lancôme Définicils High Definition Mascara

Oh my, the product contained in this sleek-looking black tube is pretty much everything we’ve been looking for in a mascara. It promises to provide a perfect definition and shape the lashes to look longer without the awful clumping. And boy, it sure does!

The patented brush provides even distribution of the mascara along the entire length of the lashes while simultaneously separating them to create the perfect natural finish each time you put it on. The wand is thin and long, making it perfect if you like to touch up your lower lashes as well and are worried about making a mess. The bristles are of the traditional type that makes sure your lashes are completely and evenly coated.

Putting on a few extra layers will be the proof as to why we’ve chosen it to be the best Lancôme mascara overall – you’ll get fantastically long lashes, enhanced volume without the false-lashes look. It does not make your eyelashes appear stiff or clumped up and leaves no residue after wearing it for an entire day. Pick it up online at SephoraNordstrom or Amazon!

Best Lancôme Mascaras: Lancôme Définicils High Definition Mascara


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