13 Best Eyebrow & Facial Razors for Women: Women Shaving Face?


There’s always a new skincare trend around the corner – 12-step Korean skin care, snail masks, various sheet masks, etc. – and in recent years, the trend of using facial razors to remove facial hair, a.k.a. face shaving has been picking up. As with many skincare trends, this one reportedly stems from Asia (specifically Japan) before making its way around the globe, especially after Michelle Money from The Bachelor released a video about shaving her face.

Essentially, facial shaving is a form of dermaplaning, which is a treatment that targets the removal of dead skin and vellus hair (colloquially referred to as peach fuzz) with the use of a sharp blade.

Below, we’ve listed the best facial razors and eyebrow trimmers for women, which are equipped to shape brows and dermaplane. You’ll also find more information on why traditional razors aren’t suited for this job, what the advantages and disadvantages are of face shaving, what the difference between dermaplaning and facial shaving is, and exactly how to go about removing facial hair plus shaping eyebrows.

1. Schick Silk Touch-Up Facial Razor

An Amazon-choice product with over 4,300 ratings, this is a pack of three portable eyebrow and facial razors to help trim and shape the brows and to remove facial hair. It includes a Precision Cover that covers up most of the blade to aid in precise trimming. The blades are also equipped with micro-guards to help protect the skin. The razor can also be used to remove fine hairs, as well as for gentle exfoliation.

The average rating of this product is over four stars. However, a handful of users have reported suffering from cuts and raw skin after. Other users recommend cleansing and moisturizing the face thoroughly after and refraining from using makeup after using the razor. You can find these Schick facial razors on Amazon.

Best Eyebrow Trimmers & Facial Razors for Women: Schick Silk Touch-Up Facial Razor


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