10 Salons Designs That We Love


Your salon should reflect your personal style. At Cosmo Salon Studios, you can fully customize your space to give your clients a unique experience.

To spark your creativity and help with the design process, we made a list of 10 salon studios that we absolutely love! For more salon design inspiration, be sure to follow us on Pinterest.

Earthy and Relaxing Salon

This salon looks so relaxing with the plants and curved lounge chairs. The wood floors and white walls make the room look bright and clean. The shelves behind the basin are a great way to display your products without creating a cluttered mess.

Credit: ProHairTools.com (https://www.pinterest.com/prohairtools/)

Rustic Chic Salon

We love this rustic chic salon! The circular, metal chandeliers and the exposed brick wall give the space an urban feel. The booths are separated into groups of two, which is a nice way to give your clients a more personal experience.

Credit: Mayra (https://www.pinterest.com/mayragarcia4766/)


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