12 Best Teen Girl Room Ideas


My oldest daughter is turning 13 this week! This is a perfect excuse for a room makeover. I set out to find the very best ideas for decorating a teen room and I will share them all with you too. In this post I will show you 12 amazing teen girl room ideas and I will give you tips to steal the style for your teen room as well. This includes ideas for epic beds, an awesome seating area, a feature wall, chandeliers, twinkle lights, adding a pretty desk area, the best teen girl bedding, how to add playful details to make it all your own, plus so much more. I will also show you where you can get all the best stuff for a teen girl room.

Plus, read to the end to find my favorite idea that is cheap and easy and will add a ton of personality to your room.

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Epic Bed

When creating the perfect teen room why not start with the bed? Since the bed is the central focal point in our bedrooms you gotta make it epic. There are tons of fun choices to create a statement with your bed in your teen room including loft beds, canopy beds, daybeds or even a normal bed with stunning bedding.

Below check out some amazing ideas for epic beds for your teen room.


If you are handy or can hire someone, wouldn’t it be amazing to create custom built in bunk beds like they did here? If you don’t have the means to create these dream beds don’t worry, I have more ideas that work for every budget.


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