09 Best Eyebrow Stencils & Ways of Using Them


If filling in your eyebrows into a shape that you like is an endless struggle, eyebrow stencils might be the solution you’ve needed all along. These unique additions to the beauty world are guides cut in the shape of a perfect eyebrow, and all you have to do is color between the lines to stencil the shape on to your own face. They’re almost magical, although they’re not foolproof.

We’ve selected the best brow stencils available online, covering a wide range of shape and application options. We then explain who can benefit from an eyebrow stencil and who should give them a miss. Finally, we have a guide that’ll make it easy for you to use your brow stencil and end up with gorgeous, natural-looking brows.

1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Stencils

Anastasia Soare of ABH is considered the Eyebrow Queen, and these eyebrow stencils are made based on her brow philosophy. The kit comes with 5 simple stencils with a little plastic piece over the arch, so you can choose the one that will fit best with the shape of your brows or combine two if one suits the front of your brow better and another suits your tail better.

They are made of flexible plastic, so they’re easy to fit over the face, although the drawback is that you’ll have to use your hands to keep them in place while filling in the brows, which can get tiresome. The most remarkable thing about them is that they are marked with guiding lines that show exactly where the start, arch, and tail of the brow should go, as well as a line along the top so you can use them to measure your brows against your nose to figure out the right placement. Buy them from Nordstrom!

Best Eyebrow Stencils: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Stencils


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